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teeny adj : (used informally) very small; "a wee tot" [syn: bitty, bittie, teensy, teentsy, wee, weeny, weensy, teensy-weensy, teeny-weeny, itty-bitty, itsy-bitsy] [also: teeniest, teenier]

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From tiny


  1. Very small; tiny.



very small (informal)
  • French: tout petit , toute petite
  • Italian: piccolo piccolo , piccola piccola

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Teeny can refer to:
  • A teenager or a "teenybopper"
  • The state of being very small
  • Trond Holter, a member of the band Wig Wam
  • A small drink sold in Massachusetts and New Hampshire stores composed of water, sugar, food coloring, and artificial flavoring packaged in a small plastic clear barrel-like bottle covered with tin foil (also spelled Teenie)
short girl whose a babe
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